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We love working with digital media.

For over thirty years Alfie West has worked on feature films, TV series, news, current affairs and documentaries. His career began with a five year apprenticeship in photolithography (specialising in colour correction) then moved into television. He is film trained and co-owned a 16mm Steenbeck flatbed editing machine back in the dark (pre-digital) age. An ongoing passion for music saw him editing more than half of the rock videos that were produced in Auckland in the seventies and early eighties - those were heady days indeed!

The adventure continued in London where a spell of OE turned into ten years. Surviving in a big city requires patience and adaptability and after wrapping parcels for a yacht chandler and bluffing his way as a graphic designer for a couple of ad agencies, Alfie eventually scored an editing job with the BBC.
    He set up as a freelancer as film gave way to video and spent many happy years cutting a mix of docos, corporates, news and current affairs. There was a great demand for talented editors in the UK - this progressed naturally to directing and producing for television.

Alfie's been lucky enough to have worked for many of the world's top broadcasters and corporates - here's a partial client list.

ABC (America)
Bosch Gmbh
CBC (Canada)
CBS Fox (Good Morning America)
Channel 4 (UK)
Channel 9 (AU)
Channel 10 (AU)
Discovery Channel
DMB&B (London)
Good Company / Daniel Belton
Griffin Productions
Barry Humphries (Dame Edna)

Janes Information Group
Merino Mink
Mike Mansfield Television
MTV (Europe)
Music Box (Europe)
Natural History NZ
Parkfield Productions
Portman Productions
RTE (Spain)
Sky News (UK)
SkyTV (NZ)
Sunset & Vine plc
TV3 (NZ)
Untouched World

Digital Dog has the talent and the expertise to produce powerful television for discerning commercial and broadcast clients.
That's our job... and we love it!

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