Digital Dog SEO

It's all about getting targetted traffic to your website. SEO - search engine optimisation can be a black art. Beware companies who offer to promote your site to the top of Google searches in only a few weeks. Sure they may have mates with link farms based in the Philipines or Romania who can provide dozens of incoming links to your site overnight.

But the people behind Google are smart and while it was easy to fool search engines a few years ago, their current algorithms are focused on finding valuable content. Link farms are penalised and in the worst case you may find your site being removed from the Google index altogether.

Simon West - juggler How do we differ from SEO cowboys?
We work with our clients to freshen their site content as Google really loves that. We use on-page optimisation to make best use of your current content and find high quality incoming links suited to your business. We have a few other tricks as well... get in touch and we'll explain more.
How long will it take?
We'll be honest with you - decent optimisation takes from six to twelve months to show results. Google updates its algorithms continuously and newish sites take a while to work their way up the Google rankings.
If you're looking to boost your site's visibility and increase traffic, please get in touch. We'll work with you to devise a strategy that's appropriate for your web site.