Digital Dog video production

We live in an age when almost anyone with a home video camera can call themselves a production company. So what is it that makes professional work stand out and keeps our clients coming back?

It's because above all, we're storytellers. The team at Digital Dog has been making film and television for more than thirty years. We've learnt our craft and we're damn good at it. Our base in Otago is home to some of New Zealand's top film and television professionals. Directors, DOPs, cameramen, grips, lighting guys, stuntmen... hey, Sam Neill even lives here! No matter what type of production you have in mind, we'll put together an award winning package for you at a fair price.   Remarkable Vets

Jeff shooting   Merino Mink

If you'd like Digital Dog to work some magic for your company, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.