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Sure... almost anyone with a PC can build a website these days. In the same way that anyone with a typewriter has the potential to write a novel. Your nephew could probably knock you up a site... or even the kid next door. But how well will it work for you?

What makes a good site stand out? At Digital Dog, we understand the fine art of building effective, compelling sites that generate repeat visits. Our award-winning team has been involved with the internet since 1992. As web professionals we specialise in producing websites that are clean, fast-loading and achieve their aims. Click on the images to check out some of our work.

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In any media, communication is the key. The Digital Dog team works with clients to design solid, contemporary sites that achieve goals. If your company needs to develop a web presence that integrates with your current marketing plans, or to redesign an existing site, please get in touch. We make websites that work! Sites that stand out. Sites with attitude.