Digital Dog Services

No matter what the role, we give 110% to every job. O'K... we understand physics and know that's not quite possible, but it's the best way to describe the passion and dedication our team brings to every project we undertake.

  • web design

    Our websites are clean, fast loading, and they communicate. We also offer affordable web hosting. More

  • still photography

    This is where we began... and it's still our main passion.

  • video production

    We offer a range of discreet, professional production services for broadcast and commercial clients. More

  • photography tutoring

    With thirty years of knowledge ingrained in his DNA, Alfie provides online tutoring in photography and Photoshop.

  • SEO services

    When it comes to getting targetted traffic to your website, SEO - search engine optimisation - can often seem like a black art. More

  • transcriptions

    Digital Dog offers professional transcription services for film and television productions. More