Digital Dog transcriptions

Digital Dog offers professional transcription services for film and television productions. We can work from most timecoded formats and can arrange timecoded dubs if required.

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Most of our clients choose abridged transcriptions with questions condensed. This provides a 98% accurate record and is ideal for television documentaries.
For legal purposes or where complete accuracy is required, we can provide exact replica transcriptions of each speaker. This includes all stumbles, fluffs, coughs, ums, ahs and pauses and is ideal for post production scripts or public transcripts. This level of accuracy takes 50-100% longer to transcribe.
Alternatively we can provide guide transcriptions which read correctly as if the text had been written rather than spoken.
Hourly rate - $50 per hour
Weekend turnaround - 15% surcharge
Same day service - 20% surcharge
Research - $55 per hour

Our experienced production assistants will log your rushes in a format to suit your workflow. Details on request.
Please contact us for quotes or bookings.